Community Bid and Profit and Loss

Information on a possible Community Bid for Sidmouth Drill Hall together with an outline very first draft Profit and Loss can now be found at

TourFish Report at Climate Week Wed 9th March 2016

Join us at Kennaway House in Sidmouth on Wednesday 9th March 2016 from 7.00pm when we will be publishing the TourFish EU project report in full as part of Sidmouth Climate Week

Part of the event on the evening will be a presentation on the Economic Evidence Report on Sidmouth Drill Hall.

Plus: a presentation on inshore fish types, fish preparation, filleting and tasting from Sidmouth Trawlers

A talk from Dr Stephen Guilbert of Devon Maritime Forum

And an update on the Blue New Deal from the New Economics Foundation

The event, entitled ‘TourFish: Making Coastal Communities Resilient’, will look at how the TourFish project promoted Responsible Tourism and Blue Economic Growth and worked with partners from coastal areas of Holland, Belgium, France and England led by the University of Greenwich to assess the decline of inshore fishing and diversification in coastal economies towards improved sustainable economic growth.

To book contact the Vision Group for Sidmouth

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Sidmouth ‘Woolleys’ Knitting Patterns Now Available

Sidmouth ‘Woolleys’ Knitting Patterns Now Available

The first knitting patterns for our new Sidmouth ‘Woolleys’ are now available to buy from our shop at Libra Court in Sidmouth.

The patterns are priced at £5 each and come as part of a kit that includes background information on the project and the chance to become part of our knitting network and connect with other knitters, gain support and problem solving including advice on wool or yarn to buy, and access new patterns as they are produced including from the fishing communities of Zeeland in Holland.

Our first ‘Woolleys’ have been created from original jumpers worn by local fishermen George Woolley, Jack Collier (both from Sidmouth) and Tom Westlake (from Beer).

We will soon be launching our online shop where you will be able to buy patterns and order the jumpers. In the meantime, if you would like to order a pattern to be sent to you in the post then please contact us at We will send you information on where to send a cheque and the price including post & packing.

George Woolley crpd Jack Collier crpd Tom Westlake crpd2 Sidmouth Woolleys - 'Collier' new 1 Sidmouth Woolleys - 'Westlake' new 1

Read About the New Unit in Sidmouth Diary

Read About the New Unit in Sidmouth Diary

If you live in or around Sidmouth you may have seen our new unit at Libra Court featured in the new issue of Sidmouth Diary.

You can download the feature here Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub Sidmouth Diary

Come and visit us! The unit is open from 10am to 3.30pm Tues to Saturday. 

Get in touch if you would like to help out or to sell things through the shop. We are always looking out for volunteers to help staff the shop.


Sidmouth Drill Hall Hub Sidmouth Diary

Crowdfunder Target Reached! Shop Now Open!

Crowdfunder Target Reached!

We are delighted to announce that we have now reached our fundraising target to open a new unit as a drop in and information centre, shop, and point of support for small and start up businesses linked to the Drill Hall CIC at Libra Court in Sidmouth.

A massive thank you to all those that donated!

The fundraiser will remain open until 12th June so please do keep pledging and donating. Thank you.

The shop is now open four days a week, so please come and visit!