Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

What do we mean by Responsible Tourism?

Responsible Tourism is about making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.

Mass tourism has led to many cultural and social problems across the world. Responsible tourism however tries to develop forms of tourism that maximise the benefits for local communities and visitors. These benefits need to be addressed across the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability.

Responsible Tourism encourages us to think about the links between regional produce, regional business, locality and identity.

Through Responsible Tourism people can gain more meaningful experiences in their engagement with local places i.e. it increases the quality of the visit while enhancing the circumstances for local people.

In Responsible Tourism, individuals, organisations, authorities, and businesses are asked to take responsibility for their actions.

How can Responsible Tourism make better places for people to live in and visit?

  • Through strengthening place identity
  • Creation of new economic opportunities for local people
  • Helping to value the activities of local people
  • Increasing social cohesion
  • Developing educational opportunities
  • Understanding environmental sustainability
  • Addressing issues of supply chain to maximise opportunities for Sustainable Development
  • Shortening supply chains to maintain a local ecology and economy

Sustainable Development

What do we mean by Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development is ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

Sustainable Development recognises that we live on a finite planet. It acknowledges a desirable future state for human societies in which living conditions and the use of resources meet human needs without undermining natural systems and the environment, so that future generations may also have their needs met.

Sustainable Development encourages collective responsibility for the social and economic challenges faced by humanity.

Why is Sustainable Development in Coastal Communities?

Sustainable Development encourages us to think about the links between regional produce, locality and identity.

It is important to understand the role of inshore fisheries and food as part of the social and cultural regeneration of coastal communities. Unless this importance is widely understood there is a danger that many social and economic opportunities will be lost if fishing disappears from coastal towns along the Channel and Southern North Sea. There is untapped market potential for developing synergies between inshore fisheries, food, tourism and regeneration. However, if this is to be realised in a way that is socially, culturally and environmentally sensitive then development must proceed ‘responsibly’.

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